Sell Your Art or Crafts at Juried Shows to extend Your Profits

by Rena Klingenberg

If you sell your art or crafts at shows, fairs, and festivals, you'll increase your profits by that specialize in commerce at juried shows. though juried shows square measure tougher to be accepted into, and also the booth fees and alternative expenses tend to be higher, {they square measure|they're} typically rather more profitable for artists than the shows that are more cost-effective and easier to induce into.

Some juried shows have strict necessities concerning however your booth is ready up and what you'll sell – that, though this could feel limiting, can even facilitate "keep the riff-raff out" and maintain a top quality show.

The attractiveness of being in juried shows is that they're typically run well, with a decent mixture of higher caliber vendors, and that they tend to draw in a bigger crowd – typically bigger-spending shoppers UN agency wish to purchase quality handcrafted things. (Our favorite quite customers!)

Although a juried show's restrictions and better fees could also be more difficult for the vendors, several artists and crafters realize that the additional profitable returns create it price jumping through all the hoops to induce accepted and participate.

What Makes a Show "Juried"?

A juried show is one wherever your acceptance is predicated on the approval of a "jury" that screens the applications and slides, probing for quality vendors and product.

Some juries consist solely of the show promoter and a staffer or 2. Others incorporates associate degree in an elaborate way elite cluster of art educators, artists, art patrons, or gallery house owners.

The jury typically accepts solely a restricted range of artists from every medium to the show, therefore your art or crafts (and application package) square measure competitive  against those of alternative artists in your medium.

That's why careful attention to your application and professional-quality slides square measure important if you wish to induce into juried shows – significantly if you are in an exceedingly comparatively packed medium like jewellery.

Applying for Juried Shows

To apply for a juried show, request associate degree application package from the show promoter. scan everything terribly rigorously before filling something out, and follow the applying necessities to the letter.

Along with your application package, send your jury fee and application fee (sometimes they are combined mutually fee, and generally they are separate).

If you finish up not being accepted into a juried show, you seldom receive a refund for your jury fee; it's paid to the jury members to compensate them for his or her time and experience. you will or might not be refunded for your concomitant show application fee, reckoning on the show's refund policy. It’s vital to bear in mind of the actual show's refund policies before applying, to take care you recognize what to expect if you are not accepted.

If you are not accepted into a juried show the primary time you apply, do not lose heart or surrender. simply keep operating toward creating your crafts additional distinctive and superior, your displays additional skilled, and your slides actually outstanding.

Apply once more consequent time the show puts out a concern artists. As your work evolves and also the board of jurors changes, you'll need lots of opportunities to be accepted to future editions of the show.

If you wish any of your application materials (such as your slides) came back to you when the jurying method, embody a addressed, sealed envelope connected to a courteously written request to own them sent back to you.


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