Like a Knife That Money

Wrong perceptions about the money could be misleading. Misguided because it could make someone poor, misguided as it can also make a person enslaved by money. Therefore, we must have a proper perception of the money that is not perverted like that.

Beliefs or perceptions we have about money will determine the direction and quality of life. People who think money is a source of crime then he'll never be rich. Similarly, people who have a belief that money will not be able to buy happiness then his life would not be happy.

There are some false beliefs and perceptions about money. First, the belief that money is the root of all evil. In fact, lack of money that could be the root of all evil. The number one cause of crime be it murder, fraud and theft is due lack of money.

Building a Business Is Like Building Noah's Ark ...

That the Qur'an is a complete guide for people with an explanation (Q. 2: 185) and Al-Quran is the answer to all problems (Surah 16: 89), is increasingly tangible evidence of the truth when we want to read it, understand it and practice it. For those of you who are pioneering business, there is a unique tips - that you can instantly apply - which comes from Allah guidance in the Qur'an. There are clues in the story of Noah's Ark USA, which Allah himself directs us to learn from it "And We have indeed made the ship as a lesson, is there any that want to take lessons?" (Sura 54:15).

Some of these lessons are as follows;

Managing Financial

Ilustration: from
Managing your finances is not just about how much of your savings. Nor on whether you are saving enough to survive 10 years if you do not work. Managing finances, in my opinion, relates to a person's outlook on life.
For a believer, managing finances it is concerned with the safety of life in the world and the hereafter. Money became servants his slave
, he became a servant rather than money.
Of professionals and successful businessmen believe I learned a lot about how to manage finances. They allocate money for three purposes: Hereafter, Future and Present. Sequence that shows the priority, not behind managing finances for the benefit of the Present, Future and the Hereafter. Know the life of the Hereafter is far more important than the life of the world.

Do not Give Up

When I first junior ever read a story book. I forget the title and author. But the story I always remember, especially when I am watching adventure movies like "Indiana Jones" or movies about treasure hunting.

In the past there is a group of treasure hunters. When word got out that on a small island buried treasure they hunt. Travel through land and sea they keep looking for where the island is located. After traveling for months finally exhausting the group of treasure hunters discovered the island.

Small things could plunge

Maybe you've heard this saying: The higher the tree the greater the exposure to the wind. The higher the position the more successful a person or a person the greater his trials. But that does not mean only the major trials that would "disturb" us, with the temptation also wary because it could make a little complacent.

I've found the story of a monkey hanging from the tree. What happens when a big wind came to the tree? The monkey will not hold very strongly that fall. But when the wind came a gentle breeze, he enjoyed the breeze blowing up asleep in a tree. Preoccupation sleep and eventually made him forget holding also fell.

Mandatory Failed

There is a consultation with Jamil Azzaini, "Sir, I want to be an entrepreneur but I am not prepared to face failure. How to Sir? "Apparently, many people thought the failure was a disgrace and should be avoided, but failure is part of the process towards success. Anyone who wants to succeed must never fail.

Referring to the results of research Lisa Amos, professor of business from Tulane University, the average entrepreneur to 3.8 failures before finally succeeding in business. They do not think it is a failure and setback. They realized that three steps forward and two steps back that produces a step forward.

Find Another Way

I remember a story about a magician who met his end after the "locked" inside the magic yourself safe.

Let me tell you. In a spectacular show, a famous magician wants to show off his skills to escape from a locked safe. He was summoned to an audience up onto the stage.

"I'll get into this safe. Please father locked from the outside. Make sure you hold the key. I promise you, within 30 seconds of this safe door opens and I get out, "he said.

So saying he let the audience who had climbed onto the stage to search him. He wants to prove that he did not hide keys or equipment that may be used to open the iron chest from the inside.

Want to Start a Business Selling LPG Gas

Case Example
I confused ya, I want to find additional business and have already begun to open the refill pulse selling a small scale, of course, also a little advantage because the area is too jumping-off place. I have a capital of IDR 15 million. I want to start selling the LPG price 3kg per tube IDR 16,000, charging directly to the agency around IDR 12,500 per tube minimum order is 50 tubes. However, I am afraid I did not sell so hard to return capital please explain what should I do with that capital.

The case is the answer
Indeed, every business beginners a lot of fears. Fear of insolvent businesses, afraid no one to buy, fear being cheated, and other fears. Many people who want to start the business end is not the road for fear of failing. Yes ... fear of failure.

Innovations and Solutions Named machine troubled ...


AROUND 10 years ago World Health Organization revealed that one of every four people had experienced a psychiatric disorder in his life. I frankly do not know the data developments after that, but my guess is its own share of people affected by this disorder is likely the amount is not reduced. Thousands cause can make people disturbed mental state, and thus we need to recognize early symptoms so do not be a victim of one of four people.

One common symptom of psychiatric disorders in the popular language today is the confusion that's maintained. Various reasons can make your heart and you feel upset, it's normal. But when all's confusion continues to haunt your life maintained - the greater your chances are psychologically disturbed.

Capital Out, How to Start a Business Back

Andi An entrepreneur trying to make a shirt or hat with a picture / design of his own. And the result has been able to sell 50 shirts to the alumni of his college friends, thankfully pretty good.

So also he made a hat for the project in the amount of employment are also 50 pieces, and luckily the results bad either. But, for one reason or another capital runs out. (Because he used to help the mother-in-law that the cost of treatment for breast cancer).

Taking Business Franchise Success Tips For Beginners

Someone wanted to start a franchise business (franchise) snacks at campus locations. How tips and tricks to start this business? because the competition is quite difficult to remember in the neighborhood sell quite a lot of other foods.

To start a food franchise business that need attention are:

First, many which sell food and competition in this environment it needs to be prepared early in the mindset and mental health as an entrepreneur (entrepreneurial), ready to accept and live the challenge, not ready to give up and want to get up again if it failed.

How to Increase Store Sales Results?

Opening the phone kiosk in the mall are enough competitors. Then how our tips to increase sales amid the competition is very high this?

One way to increase sales of our business is adding value to what we offer. I understand the magnitude of competition in the retail sale of mobile phones that have a special area of ??mobile phones, so the competition is fierce.

Even with the tough competition we have a challenge to be more creative and innovative in offering our products to the buyer. And look for what could be added value to the products we sell.

Prospective business for My Candidate Husband

The following is an article about someone who consulted on the subject of her future husband a job. Someone thought of her future husband on her work, her future husband was still working here and there. He wants her future husband to have a permanent job. Yes, got the job yourself. Capital is still very small. He was trying to think of what is appropriate for her future husband. What about suggestions for this problem.

Firstly congratulations and may Allah make it easy and embarked all his good intentions to get married.

Entrepreneurship for Tuition

Case in point, I'd love to entrepreneurship for my tuition and auxiliary fees for my siblings as well. I'd love to open the restaurant business. I have no shadow for the business. I want to open a restaurant business which raw materials are all made of something like rice porridge. I want to go near my campus only at IPB Darmaga. I still have not been able to make my own food to be sold. But I've got the recipe. My first guess how much capital?

Solutions to answer the above
Businesses in the area of ??food choice is a good choice. All people need to eat. Moreover, open food near campus. I suggest you open a business in the pulp and boarding-lodging wares should be a major time when the student takes the morning breakfast. Although not a few people who eat porridge at night.

Keeping this is the virtue of Tongue

"There is no single word does he utter but there is also a nearby angel supervisors are always present." (Surah Qaf [50]: 18)

Boneless tongue. The adage that describes how the tongue can bring the owner to the door of heaven or hell for the door.
The danger posed by the tongue is very large, and the disaster that started it is also remarkable. Abu Bakr al-Siddiq RA.
Never hold her tongue as she cried and said, "This is what brought many disasters to me."
The tongue has many "diseases" that can bring its owner a catastrophe like the words of lies, gossip, pitting, vulgarity,

All For One, Or One For All

You may have heard the term "all for one, one for all" motto of The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas's famous novel, or through the film. This term suddenly appeared from a friend whose child has strep throat, and the doctor gave him some medicine. Not just one drug, but at least there are three types of medication at once. This pattern was similar to the way people today address the various problems of life.

As if not sure of the drug, among physicians tend to prescribe a drug to hit just one simple disease such as strep throat earlier. This is what I call it all for one - all the drugs were deployed to tackle the disease.

Mourinho Amit Himself Need Enemies

Jose Mourinho, manager of Real Madrid, divulge the secrets of motivating yourself. He admitted his motivation to pump up enthusiasm created the 'enemy' for him.

Prayers and Tears

Consider carefully the nodes. How we rarely express the longing of love for the Deity with groans and tears. The days are filled with joy and rah-rah. Life seemed to not find his true face as a tortured laughter close bashirah (inner eye) to look at the face of the divine. In fact, it is breathing on each strand step of the way towards the end of the day.

The base honestly Happiness

Many people pursue happiness behind the splendor of the material. In fact, it's all a mere artificiality. If you want to be happy be honest. Honest to God as His servant, do not do small talk and half measures. Honestly as a husband, then it is always a living away from sin and give a lawful and maximum.

Honestly as a wife, so always keep the honor and property of the husband and really become a haven for husbands. Honestly as a leader, it has always upheld the principles of consultation and work hard to uphold justice and ensure the welfare of its people.

Reply to Goodness Mom Can We? This is the answer to Islam

One day, Ibn 'Umar saw a man who was holding his mother as she circumambulate around the Kaaba. The person is then said to him, "O Ibn Umar, do you think if I repay my mother?"

Ibn 'Umar replied, "Not yet, although just one moans when mom had you. But you have been doing good. Allah will reward you a lot of little charity that you do. "(Kitab al-adh-Dzahabi Kabair work).

In order for Being Science Strength, This is the key

Islam is a religion of science that really appreciate and respect the people who have knowledge, that the scientists and scholars. Allah exalt those who believe and knowledgeable few degrees. (Surat al-Mujadilah [58]: 11).

Science became the basis of human virtue and glory be decisive. The appointment of Prophet Adam as the Caliph none other than science (intellectual potential) of his, so he was able to beat competitors (competitors) toughest, that the angels (Sura al-Baqarah [2]: 30).