Do you wish to open a eating place however don’t know…

A detailed in small stages ebook to guide you intend your finances, get necessary licenses and open your initial eating place in Asian nation

Do you wish to open a eating place however don’t know…

 the way to begin ?

    what ar the necessities ?

    the legalities of foreign ownership?

 what proportion cash you may want ?

 wherever to open ?

 wherever to urge the suppliers ?

WORRY NO MORE….!! This ebook can get all of your queries answered.

Unlike different guide books that provide general pointers on WHAT to try to to to open a eating place, this book can show you :

 the way to type a corporation,


 the way to GET instrumentality

 the way to arrange YOUR FINANCES


Starting a eating place appearance terribly remunerative just because folks usually like to eat and that we dine out heap..!! Asians ar some lucky tons WHO will afford to own breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper while not having to grasp the way to cook and while not gesture large holes in our wallets. uptake out is a component of our culture. we tend to dine out all the time.

This explains the many restaurants, cafes, warungs, bistros, or kopitiams in virtually each corner of Asian countries.  It looks like everybody is aware of and desires to open a eating place.  You don’t have to be compelled to be a cook to open a eating place. In fact, most eating place homeowners can’t even cook.! several ar politicians, singers, actors, models, housewives, retirees, businessmen WHO love food or maybe foreigners WHO wish to introduce food from their homelands. whereas anybody will open a eating place, it takes a trully diligent, dedicated and discipline businessperson to open and operate a triple-crown eating place.

I believe gap a eating place ought to be simple thus we've got enough energy to focus on a lot of vital things, like running, managing and creating it into a triple-crown one…!

is a in small stages comprehensive guide to open your initial eating place simply and economically.

    SAVE TIME by doing the proper steps.

 save cash by shopping for from the proper suppliers, ne'er obtain retail.

 prevent FROM mental disease on deciding what licenses to use and once to submit the applications.

Planning is that the most vital factor to try to to in gap your eating place. arrange your location properly to avoid being closed down by the authority.

 News of Closure Takes everybody rapidly

When news that the colourful eating haven would shortly be out of business reached the ears of its tenants, several expressed shock and disbelief and same they weren't awake to it.

the Star on-line – weekday March twenty two, 2010

    AVOID BEING CLOSED DOWN for not having the correct licenses.

 save cash : i'll tell you the way to urge your suppliers provide you with instrumentality value thousands of Malaysian monetary unit while not  paying something.

    MANAGE YOUR FINANCES by creating an easy business arrange, scheming your price properly and evaluation your menus befittingly.

Do you apprehend that….

 you'll be able to be penalised by enjoying music in your restaurants? Avoid this..!

    you don’t have to be compelled to pay one cent to urge chillers,  freezers, mugs and cups?

    your eating place might not be allowed to use foreigners?

This ebook can cause you to a lot of assured in gap your eating place door for the primary time as a result of you may be fully prepared.

With the insight from my ebook, you'll be able to relax…. and focus on the vital things for your gap Day. Here’s what you may realize within the ebook (160 pages):

    A orient the way to type a corporation in Asian nation

    List of licenses required

    A guide to create an easy business arrange that may show you the way abundant capital you may want

 the way to get chillers, glasses, freezers, etc at no price.

 the way to obtain your instrumentality, piece of furniture and cuttleries cheaper than the value

 the way to worth your menu accurately

 the way to choose the simplest location for your eating place

 the way to brace oneself for a swish gap Day

will prevent from various Headaches..!!

Your investment of RM eighty nine.90 (approx. U$29.00) can forestall you from LOSING THOUSANDS OF Malaysian monetary unit from creating newsless choices.

Why does one have to be compelled to get everything prepared before gap your eating place door for the primary time?

I perpetually believe that initial impression is extremely important…. in anyhing… however largely in eating place business.

YOU DON’T HAVE A SECOND likelihood to create the primary IMPRESSION.

Open your eating place only if you're prepared, not half-ready, not virtually prepared.  Your room and floor operation ought to be able to serve a poker hand on the primary day of gap regardless whether or not or not you may even have a poker hand.

When a replacement eating place opens, curious foodies can return and check out. you have got to nail them on it initial attempt. ne'er fail to impress them on it initial attempt.

    No excuse on the new undisciplined workers

    No excuse on unhealthy quality food

    No excuse on slow food delivery

    No excuse on the shortage of parking zone

    No excuse on the malfunctioned air-con units

    And definitely…. no excuse on giving wrong orders.

A lot of householders have the higher than excuses as a result of they're too tired juggling many things behind the scene therefore forgetting the little vital details throughout gap.

DO IT RIGHT the primary TIME


ON the primary DAY

Once a client leave your eating place discontent, he/she can ne'er come and also the unhealthy advertising can unfold sort of a epidemic cholera.  Your gap Day may well be the primary door resulting in your Closing Down day.

How many times you knowledgeable this : You brought your family into a packed fresh opened eating place. A friendly owner greeted, seated  and gave 2 sets of menu to be shared together with your better half and your kids as a result of they didn’t print enough menus.  Then the waiter came to require your orders. when [*fr1] AN hour, your children got their food however not you and your better half.  Your children Ate whereas you started obtaining irritated.  Your food solely arrived when your children finished their food.  And your wife’s food arrived simply before you finished the most course.  By then your better half had lost her appetence and selected to pack the food instead. thus you asked for the bill.  The bill came ten minutes later as a result of the till was jam-pawncked.  Since it’s supper time, the owner couldn’t decision the provider whose business opened solely 9am – 5pm. The owner apologized speech communication it had been his initial day, the eating place simply opened and he didn’t anticipate such an honest response.  For the total night, all the owner did was apologizing.  The owner thought that initial night was a “success” attributable to the complete house with a number of glitches in client service.  He didn’t notice that he had simply unfold a nasty advertising to a “full house”.

BUY currently and you’ll get a

FREE provider List.

(worth RM30.00)

A comprehensive e-booklet on suppliers for many merchandise (chillers, cutleries, beef, poultry, cheese, vegetable, sauces, etc) in Kuala Lumpur are emailed to you among every week.


60 DAY a reimbursement guarantee for ebook

You can either raise around,  browse via varied websites to urge suppliers on instrumentality, food and beverages…


Read this book and pay your valuable time in designing for your gap day.

The decision is in your hand..!!
Dear Elly,
thank you noticeably for your e-book “How To Open Your Restaurant”. I scan it with enthusiasm nowadays. I found it terribly informative and helpful .
- Mr. Carlo, Italy
Dear Elly,
I was lost into this huge business and that i failed to apprehend wherever to begin initial, before I scan this book. I may merely say it's the simplest one that I’ve ever scan.
- Mr. Armand Kh.
Hi Ms Elly Suliana
Thank you for your informative book. Thanks 1,000,000 for reference.
- Mr. Kasim Baluch

Dear Elly,

After having been entrepreneurs in FRG for over thirty years within the sectors of IT-consultancy, we tend to decide to open a German eating place in Ipoh. I thanks for your ebook and also the careful and comprehensive data on the way to open a eating place.

- Mr. Bernd Neumann

Download ebook for under RM89.90

About the author:

I have been concerned in gap, operational and managing few restaurants in Kuala Lumpur for the past six years. though my technical background is Accounting ANd Management (I have a Bachelor degree in accounting from point of entry States University – USA and an Master in Business from University of point of entry – USA), my passion for food drove Maine to be within the F&B business. i really like food and everything related to it.

I love the sensation of gap the eating place door very first thing within the morning, before the chefs, the waiters and also the cleaners return.  It offers Maine a peaceful feeling of wanting everything “undone” and a pure excitement once seeing the place transforms into a busy eating place wherever secretary greets customers, waiters obey, chefs shout within the room, food runners dash from the swing room doors and till drawers open and shut swallowing the money.

My initial involvement in gap a eating place gave Maine a nerve-wrecking expertise. I raced with time to end the renovation, to buy the specified instrumentality, to put in the purpose of Sales system, to urge reliable suppliers and to rent staffs. however the one that actually gave Maine the take a look at of patience was to get the mandatory licenses.

I distinguished that having a registered company with a legitimate business license wasn't enough. solely when the eating place was opened, I distinguished that I couldn’t place up a sign as a result of I required a sign license.  I additionally distinguished that i used to be not allowed to play any music within the eating place unless I actually have licenses from Recording Artists Association.  Then I additionally distinguished that I required to use for liquor licence. and also the list went on and on…

I would like somebody had told Maine regarding this earlier thus I wouldn’t have wasted lots of your time going back and forth to DBKL (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur) to get those licenses.

Then I distinguished that I had to extend the Paid Up Capital of the corporate if i would like to rent foreign employees. Had I better-known that there's a minimum Paid Up Capital for hiring a foreigner, i'd have registered the corporate with higher Paid Up Capital within the initial place, therefore saving Maine time and cash to try to to ammendments on the corporate Article of Association.

After all the legal problems were settled, I distinguished that I had wasted cash on shopping for a number of the instrumentality and piece of furniture as a result of I may truly get those things for complimentary.

After that initial expertise, gap the second, third and forth eating place was a breeze.  I knew specifically what must be done initial, second, third, forth, and so on.

I wrote this book to pass my data to anyone WHO plans to open a eating place in Asian nation thus he/she won't need to expertise what I had knowledgeable before.  I hope when reading this book he/she are ready to open his/her eating place simply, quick and economically.

Should you want any inquiry, please email Maine at

Wishing you a awfully exciting journey of gap your own restaurant…

All the Best…

Elly Suliana

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